Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advice from a Divorced Man

While checking on my Facebook account this morning, I came across a post shared by a friend.  It was entitled, "Beautiful Advice from A Divorced Man After 16 Years of Marriage".  I wonder what made him write that blog.  And I wonder who was at fault..

I do agree it was indeed a beautiful advice, not only for men but for women as well.  And one thing that struck me most recently (and was reminded again from that blog) is that, relationships need to be constantly nurtured.  Each one MUST make an effort to make the relationship work and must always bear in mind that a broken relationship may start from a "simple" misunderstanding.

But I would like to make it clear.  I did not learn this advice from my failed marriage.  It is only applicable to people who are both in love with each other and are sincerely committed to do so until the end. :)


G yar said...

I love my first wife. However, in our marriage she never believes that I love her so much.

G yar said...
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G yar said...

I know and hope that time could eventually bring us together. I love you so much Gay.

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